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Services provided by Duncan Smash Repairs

Chassis Straightening

In many cases after a particularly heavy accident, the chassis of your vehicle can be warped or bent, making safe driving unsafe at best and impossible at worst.

At Duncan Smash Repairs our workshop is equipped with state-of-the-art chassis measurement and alignment equipment, allowing us to compare your vehicle’s existing condition to its factory specifications to ensure the highest accuracy in repairs.

Panel Beating

We conduct a range of panel repairs for all makes and models of vehicles, from replacing entire doors and panels to cutting away rust or otherwise damaged metal from the body and welding in new material to replace it.

We can also smooth out major bumps and dents, replace damaged body electrics, re-seal doors and windows, and much, much more.

Spray Painting

With our range of Sikkens waterborne spray paints, spray guns, and experienced spray painting professionals, we’re able to match your vehicle’s existing colour with a mixture of our own water-based paints, which ensure an even, faster drying coat that’s both environmentally friendly and up to Australia’s strict standards for vehicle painting.

Wheel Alignment

In addition to our top-quality crash repairs, we can also offer customers the benefit of our wheel alignment services, ensuring that when your vehicle leaves our workshop it tracks straight and true on the road.

Air Conditioning

To ensure comfortable driving through Australia’s warmer months, come and have your air conditioning system checked with us at Duncan Smash Repairs.

We can replace damaged or faulty air conditioning units and hosing to keep your vehicle’s air con in proper working condition, then arrange for it to be re-gassed once we’re satisfied it’s airtight.


Even the smallest crack in your windscreen will eventually grow to become a vision impairment for the driver, so having chips and cracks in your windscreen repaired as quickly as possible.

At Duncan Smash Repairs, we can fill in chips and cracks with high-quality resin to prevent further damage to your windscreen, or order in new windscreens to replace your damaged one entirely.

Other Services

We offer customers a range of additional services, including:

  • Coordination with local towing services
  • Complimentary detailing with every service
  • And much more
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